07 March 2010

"Odd Creatures with Ancient Tales" Kids Arty Farty Fest

This year of 2010, the realm of Heidelburg on the Yarra River in the land of Sills Bend and surrounds will lay host to a remarkable event for all ages and sizes. It has been decreed that fun, joy, excitement and adventure await those who journey to the annual 'Kids Arty Farty Fest'. For over 17 years this amazing festival has enchanted and enthralled countless creatures, particurlarly of the human persuasion. And best of all it's FREE!!!
So join the party on Sunday March the 28th anytime from 11am till 4pm and be sure to bring a story.

This years theme will be 'Stories on Parade', and if you get in early at about 10am you might just catch your favorite friends such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Faraway Tree, Alice in Wonderland, Where is the Green Sheep, Harry Potter, James & the Giant Peach and very many more marching the streets.
Sim Sala Bim will be collecting stories from everyone he crosses to share with the many worlds he visits, so keep an eye out for that ancient storyteller. He might just nick one from you.

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