16 February 2010

Sustainable Adventure Play: Fed Square Fri 19th Feb

This Friday Wizard Sim Sala Bim, with the aid of his trusty Elfish helper Rubix Spitfire, will pass through an important portal into the centre of Melbournious City-us in the Square of Federations.

Aided by the young elf Rubix, Wizard Sim will perform a series of very powerfull nature spells and incantations to help the worlds magic grow a little stronger.

The thing is Sim & Rubix can't do it alone. If you think you have enough magic to help them create an enchated world, then join us all to sing, dance and adventure while discovering how true magic is made.

An interactive storytelling event focused on natures true magic. Exploring the rhythms of life through props, music, games and play. The event is suitable for the ages of 3- 7, but is accessible to the whole family. Simsalabim adventure play will stimulate the mind and spirit, to the very nature of nature.

The Co-ordinates for the magicers:
Sustainable Living Festival
Leasure Dome
Fed square cnr Filders St and St Kilda Rd
2pm - 2.50pm

Sustainable Living Festival


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