23 February 2010

Make a Wish With Genie Sim at Castle Lane Bazaar

'Artisan Meets Fashion Frenzy Flea Market'

Sim Sala Bim will be transmogrifying into a Genie this weekend at a richly wild and wonderful bazaar setting. Storytelling, Tarot Jamming and floating around on his magic carpet. The co-ordinates for the explorers of fun and magic.

Castle Lane Bazaar – Market Two - taking place on February 27th in and around the beer gardens, and car park, of the Edinburgh Castle - 681 Sydney Road (Cnr Albion St), Brunswick.
‘Think cobble stone streets, lolly pops, gin and tea cups, antiques, collectibles, artisan meets fashion frenzy flea markets... A mini ‘Montmartre’ of sorts, right on your doorstep... you’ve got it! The Castle Lane Bazaar Artist Market!

The market will take place on every last Saturday of each month. The next two market dates, are;
February 27th.
March 27th.

May just see you there magickers and curiositers.

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