05 February 2010

Launch Into a Playground of New Discovery!!! Sat Feb 13th

It has recently been put to my wizardiing attention that there is a long lost treasure from the future awaiting to be discovered. Yes it is true,a most profound new experience in a land of great community and joy. The land of Pea-Trees in the sector of the Monte-clan-Morency is unveiling it's brand new playground for the learning, development, and joy of the young Wizards and Witches in the local area.

The magnets of magic there are very strong and I must vist in the numerical sequence of 13/02/10 11am-2pm, to conduct some very exiting magic with the whole community.

So if another magnet has not caught you on that day of the Satur join us for a new adventure in a new space on ancient soil.

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