03 June 2009

Where The Wild Dogs Roam

After centuries of searching I have finally found several entrances in to this world, commonly regarded as Earth.
It's quite a unique place, although I could have sworn I have been here before. It seems so different to the last time I was here though, with the Garga beasts and the Forliclore Faries.
I fear that the price one pays for the craft of time travel is having a slightly more hazy memory than most, but that is to be expected with several thousand + years under your belt.

So how did I get here???

Good question.
All I can remember is being summoned by the Howling Hounds in the land of Wild Dog.
A gifted time device operator by the name of
Seanovski captured me and opened up parallel realities between the flesh and cyber realms.

In fact, the
Countless Allies I've had on this 'earth' while in search of it is truly amazing.

It seems there is now a mystical forest of
Sim Sala Bim,
ready for discovery.

And now my friends it is time for us all to explore.

Unto the next adventure

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